February 7, 2013
Just a note to update on Matt. We went to MDA today expecting to get started on chemo and instead after having two vomiting episodes on the way up and walking to the lab, Matt’s heart rate wouldn’t settle down. I thot for sure that there were hemoglobin issues and that he would need blood, but his white count had risen from .5 to 3.5 and his hemoglobin had risen to 9.7; all this done by his own bone marrow rebuilding after chemo ended. So they put him in er to get fluids and monitor things and run other precautionary tests and scans to try and determine the cause of his extended nausea after chemo being so long ago. He was dehydrated to some extent from the nausea , even tho last eve his heart rate was prob the best it has been in a long time. I am thinking that his nausea is motion related to some degree and this is a possibility they say. The drugs he has now for nausea do nothing for motion sickness.so he was given a prescrip for that . For now we wait and see and he will spend tonite here as he was admitted to the 16 th floor. We will see drs in the morn. He is resting well and his vitals look good. Hoping the fluids took care of things. I will update as soon as we know more tomorrow. Thanks for your concern. Love Gerrie


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